Voicemail Interception: the claims keep coming

We have previously reported on our experience working in the phone hacking litigation and also at the Leveson Inquiry which arose out of that.  News Corp, perhaps with an eye on the future off-loading to another media group of the now-separated publishing arm, has sought to put a lid on these claims.  Rupert Murdoch has even given the publishing company, formerly known as News International, a new name – News UK – in a blatant effort to decontaminate the damaged brand.

Our direct experience is that the newspaper group has been prepared to throw substantial sums of money at those individuals making claims, including some clients, rather than allowing matters to reach trial.

Earlier this year, it was understood that malpractice was not isolated to the News of the World: it is now clear that at least one other group, Trinity Mirror – publisher of The Mirror newspaper – will also now face a significant number of claims as a result of unlawful voicemail interception.  We are currently making enquiries on behalf a number of individuals of the newly-established Operation Golding, run by the Metropolitan Police, which has been set up specifically to investigate malpractice on the part of this second newspaper group.

As MP Tom Watson, who has campaigned against phone hacking said “The more the police dig, the greater the criminality they uncover.”

Meanwhile, we are preparing new claims in relation to the existing tranche of cases against News International, as well as pursuing ongoing matters towards trial.  We will keep you informed of progress.

At the same time, the prosecutions of number of senior News International executives will reach trial in September this year and will no doubt be widely reported.  Those trials are expected to last three months.

Please contact Christopher Hutchings, who heads up our media team, for further information.