Update on the Government’s review of Consumer Protection Measures relating to Online Secondary Ticketing Platforms

The newly in force Consumer Rights Act 2015 includes certain provisions which apply to the sale of tickets via online secondary ticketing platforms. These provisions mean:

  • vendors must provide clear information about the ticket’s face value; seat location; usage restrictions; and links with event organisers or online platforms;
  • vendors and/or purchasers cannot have tickets cancelled purely as a result of their resale (unless this is clear in the original terms of sale and these terms are not deemed to be unfair); and
  • secondary ticketing platforms must report criminal activity

Government will now conduct an independent review of these measures, seeking to understand how the interaction with the primary market for tickets affects the availability, pricing and fair trading of valid tickets in the secondary market and identify issues for consumers and proposals for how such issues might be addressed. The review will focus on:

  • Tickets for large scale, high profile sporting, entertainment and cultural events
  • The scope for profiteering and/or fraud through the sale of unavailable or invalid tickets
  • Comparison of the sale of invalid tickets online and offline
  • The use of botnets to automatically purchase volume tickets
  • Primary ticket sale conditions which seek to prevent ticket resale or transfer

Evidence was invited from interested parties, such as event organisers, primary ticket sellers, the online ticket resale industry, consumer groups, local authority enforcement agencies and consumers (as both sellers and purchasers of tickets).

For more information please contact Sophie Arrowsmith.