Solicitor Rebecca Willcox gives an update on phone hacking claims against the Mirror Group Newspapers

In this phone hacking trial update Rebecca Willcox discusses the phone hacking claims against the Mirror Group Newspapers.


“Hamlins’ specialist phone hacking lawyers represented one of the eight representative claimants, that appeared at the first ever civil phone hacking trial in March 2015.

The trial was against Mirror Group Newspapers which included the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and The People. The judge awarded the claimants 1.2 million pounds in damages and although Mirror Group appealed they lost their appeal. The judge set a clear tariff for how damages will be awarded going forward and although articles were certainly one part of that, he found that if a person was a victim of voicemail interception they may be awarded up to 10,000 pounds per year they were a victim of phone-hacking.

The tariff established by the judge for the award of damages is particularly relevant for those not perhaps in the public eye such as the spouse, agent, manager of a high-profile individual, because all articles may not have been written about that person, they would still have been a victim of hacking and damages may be awarded accordingly.

Following the Mirror Group trial, the judge establish a regime whereby those wanting to bring a phone hacking claim are entitled not only to find out the extent to which they were victims of phone hacking and surveillance, but also the extent to which those around them were targeted by journalists, so when a person formerly issues a claim at court, they are entitled to obtain the core data and private investigator invoices related to up to four individuals who are close to them at the time, who might be their spouse, their agent, their manager for example.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of phone-hacking or you’ve been previously contacted by the Metropolitan Police Service, do get in touch with Hamlins expert phone hacking lawyers and we’ll be pleased to help guide you through the process on a no win no fee basis.”

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