Social media law expert and partner Christopher Hutchings interviewed by BBC News Channel

29 July 2013: BBC News asks our head of media, Christopher Hutchings, to explain how UK law is adapting to control misuse of Facebook and Twitter. This was on the day that two jurors were given prison sentences for posting inappropriate commentary as to a trial in which the first was to sit and for researching on Google aspects of another case in which the second juror was sitting.

Christopher discussed the determination of the UK Courts and of the Government to send strong warning messages to the public that social media and the internet generally must be used responsibly. He commented that, with the incredible power offered by social media to enable all of us to communicate to thousands comes with it the risk of complaint for libel, contempt and other legal wrongdoings.

Christopher referred to the recent cases concerning Lord McAlpine and the misuse of Twitter which gave rise to numerous complaints for libel, culminating with his case against Sally Bercow.

The laws of the UK, Christopher explained, are fluid and capable of keeping up with technological developments, in particular, the internet and social media.