Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away: privacy claims against Channel 5

Hamlins’ privacy and defamation legal team is currently helping clients with a claim against Channel 5 for breach of privacy during the filming of TV programme Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away (CPWTIA).

There have been a number of complaints investigated by Ofcom into the CPWTIA programme, but this is the first issued claim against Channel 5 for invasion of privacy in relation to this programme.

How we can help?

Have you been filmed on Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away?  Do you feel your privacy was invaded during filming of the programme?

If so,  our privacy and defamation lawyers may be able to help you make a claim for damages against Channel 5 for infringement of privacy.

We may be able to help you on a  no win no fee (CFA) agreement which means you will not incur any legal costs unless you win.

Hamlins has an experienced team of privacy lawyers working on a large variety of claims against the media and are  particularly well known for their role as lead solicitors in the phone hacking cases successfully brought against the News of the World and Sun newspapers.

If you  think you have a claim against this programme or any other fly on the wall documentary then please contact us for an  initial conversation at no cost.

For more information contact the privacy and defamation team on 0207 355 6000 or email