Phone-Hacking Claims

Hamlins’ specialist phone hacking lawyers have enabled numerous clients to pursue successful claims against the newspapers.

We have brought over 50 claims to date, all of which have resulted in payment of damages to our clients. Compensation ranges from between a few thousand pounds to significantly in excess of £100,000. Examples include:

  • Acting for Vic Reeves (Jim Moir) in his phone hacking claims against two newspaper groups, MGN Ltd and NGN Ltd
  • Acting for Simon Clegg CBE (former CEO for the London Olympics) who has claims against MGN Ltd and NGN Ltd for phone hacking.
  • Acting for a range of individuals including celebrities, agents and businessmen including Will Mellor and Ralf Little in phone hacking litigation against MGN.
  • Acting for a range of NGN phone hacking claimants, including Ian Cotton, Barry Smith and James Mullord.

The Hamlins’ defamation and reputation management team is ranked highly in both Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500, the leading legal services directories, who base their rankings on independent research and client feedback. In 2016, Chambers and Partners wrote:

Hamlins continues to impress for high-profile libel actions, representing both claimants and defendants. Has a strong track record for handling invasion of privacy claims against newspapers, as well as defamation defence work for its broad publisher client base.”

The directory also quoted a client who described our team as, ‘very responsive and empathetic when dealing with my case.’

What our clients say:

“Chris and the team at Hamlins are excellent. I found them to be diligent, sympathetic and thorough.I wholeheartedly recommend them.”
Vic Reeves (Jim Moir), successful claimant

“Hamlins have both great legal skill and compassion for those who are victims of phone hacking. They have showed integrity and dedication when dealing with my case. Not only did they obtain compensation with minimum input from me but they were also always responsive to my concerns/queries. I cannot recommend them enough.”
Camille Aznar, successful claimant

There have been significant developments recently concerning the phone hacking scandal in the British media.

Phone Hacking Claims against the News Group Newspapers (NGN)

New claims against News Group Newspapers (NGN) have been significantly strengthened by steps taken by the Hamlins’ team in 2016. We were appointed to run the litigation in January this year and named ‘Lead Solicitor’ by the Court. We have subsequently applied to broaden the time period over which it is alleged that hacking took place at the Features desk run by NGN as well as allowing claimants to rely on articles written as containing material taken from phone-hacking from a wider group of journalists. Then, in April 2016, we successfully applied to allow claimants to plead articles published by The Sun newspaper. In May 2016 we forced NGN to give disclosure of mobile phone records which have never previously disclosed to claimants.

See the video update below by phone hacking solicitor Rebecca Willcox:

Phone Hacking Claims against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN)

Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) is the second major newspaper group to have admitted that phone hacking took place. Hamlins’ team acted for one of the first claimants to take action against MGN, Lauren Alcorn and who was one of just 8 “representative claimants” to take their case to Trial in 2015. This resulted in a judgment – Gulati and others v MGN – which has set down the basis on which all future phone-hacking cases will be assessed. The Judge awarded separate sums of damages for various elements of the wrong-doing. These include damages based on the records showing calls to our clients’ mobiles, private investigator invoices, the period of time over which hacking took place and the articles suggesting information obtained through hacking. Total awards are now significantly higher than before the Trial.

See the video update below by phone hacking solicitor Rebecca Willcox:

See other phone hacking videos by defamation partner, Chris Hutchings talking about hacking, Operation Golding and civil claims against Mirror Group Newspapers.

Building a case

Because of the systematic destruction of evidence by the newspapers, it is necessary to build a case based on the limited information available. We first obtain disclosure from the metropolitan police (the MPS) which frequently reveals that you were a target of those conducting the interception of voicemails.

Payment of legal fees

All of our work in building a claim prior to litigating is conducted by us without requiring payment until the end of the claim. If we find there is insufficient evidence, we do not ask you to pay for the time we have spent investigating the matter. If we advise that there is sufficient evidence to issue a claim, once you have paid the court fee, we then conduct the legal action on a “no win, no fee” or (CFA) basis. This means that we look to the newspaper to pay our fees at the conclusion of the claim. In most cases, this means that you recover your damages without deduction.


As well as receiving compensation for the invasion of your privacy, we also ensure that the newspaper undertakes not to do so at any time in the future and we can also, if you require, obtain an apology from the newspaper.

Contact Us

If you were contacted by Operation Weeting, Golding or Pinetree, or are an “associate” of a claimant and are aware you may have been hacked and have not yet pursued a claim please give us a call on 020 7355 6000.

We will be happy to talk through the process with you without commitment on your part.