Privacy & Confidential Information

Once private or confidential information becomes public, damage to your reputation or business is the likely result.

Preventing its publication has to be the first priority. A coordinated strategy using legal, PR and regulatory means, is essential.

Our media team know what works. We understand the circumstances in which injunctive action, or its threatened use, is likely to be effective; when warning notices across the media are appropriate; and when obtaining well-drafted agreements from those with knowledge of the confidential information can help to prevent leaks.

Perhaps the ‘information’ is untrue? Even so, courts recognise the concept of ‘false privacy’ and this can be a more effective means of stopping publication than relying on libel.

Information spreads over the web from one site or blog, to the next, at lightning speed. But we can prevent it, often by threatening to take action against the internet service providers – including referring them to the appropriate regulators, such as Nominet and ICANN – as well as individual websites. In doing so, we often uncover the sources of leaks, so you can take action against them directly.