Clearance & Content Advice

Managing and resolving legal complaints can cripple media businesses. It’s not just the expense. It’s the drain of management time and attention. Pre-publication clearance advice is the most effective tool to protect your business from these costly complaints.

At Hamlins we have years of experience in advising broadcasters, such as The BBC, and publishers of internationally renowned titles ranging from HELLO!, Psychologies magazine to Legal Business and Arabian Business. We have also advised websites such as Digital Spy and Popbitch and regularly present seminars to publishers’ trade body, the PPA.

We understand that you operate in the real world and that you can’t avoid all risk. So we focus on assessing your risk and lowering it to acceptable levels through constructively amending copy. We have a proven track-record of working closely with editors to ensure publication of good stories. Deadlines are paramount, so we are always on call, including evenings and weekends, available when required.

Where complaints occur, we assess them swiftly and commercially. We understand the importance of avoiding litigation, and that sometimes it is advisable to correct a story. However, we also know that you won’t want to set precedents, so we can react bullishly, explaining why articles are protected by one or more defences.