IT & Software

But as our reliance on technology has increased, our demands upon it have multiplied. And they can differ radically with your business model. Are you a supplier, developer or user of technology? Are you a start-up or a large, established business?

At Hamlins, we understand that advice must be tailored to our clients’ needs. Our Information Technology team boasts a wealth of experience of advising all types of clients – from blue-chip users, developers and suppliers to the newest start-ups.

We have particular expertise in IT procurement and outsourcing, since members of our team have worked on such major projects as the outsourcing of the entire NHS IT function and the outsourcing of an IT procurement function by a large utility. And with outsourcing projects increasingly focused on adding value in specific, measurable ways, we understand how to manage projects, for both public and commercial entities, that get results.

We also understand that you expect your advisors to work like you do – with the high levels of dedication, innovation and accessibility that characterise your marketplace. Hamlins lives and breathes the media and technology sector, so why not work with a team that speaks your language?