Domain Names & Disputes

And that means that domain names and social media tags will also continue to increase in importance. However, not all businesses are doing enough to protect these important assets.

At Hamlins we work with clients to develop effective strategies for registering, protecting and, if necessary, recovering domain names and other tags. We can help to minimise the risk of cybersquatting and other predatory online activities, which can cause untold damage to your business and reputation.

We offer our clients sophisticated monitoring and enforcement services and have a history of successfully taking enforcement actions via the courts and the various channels offered by ISPs. Much of our work spans multiple jurisdictions, and we use innovative approaches to track, identify and prosecute individuals who would otherwise seek to hide within “digital space”.

In addition our team regularly resolves disputes concerning domain names that target misspelling, degradation websites and other opportunistic behaviour which seeks to redirect traffic or dilute the goodwill associated with a brand, individual or business.