Employee Handbooks & Policies

An employee handbook is a vital aid in complying with legal requirements to provide certain information to your personnel and should also serve your business as:

  • An induction tool
  • A user-friendly, one-stop reference point for most employee queries
  • A clear statement of which policies are intended to be contractual and which are not (you will not wish a policy to be contractual if you want the flexibility to depart from it in certain situations)
  • A reference point for line managers to ensure that they comply with company procedures
  • Clear evidence in any employment dispute that you are a responsible employer with clear and legally compliant policies
  • A  source of flexible policies that enable you to change and grow your business in accordance with your evolving plans
  • A management/employee training tool

For a fixed fee we can provide you with a bespoke handbook or set of policies designed to be as clear and user-friendly as possible while ensuring that you are legally compliant.