Director Service Agreements

When employing a director or senior executive, it’s vital to tailor terms and conditions so that you derive the maximum value from such a significant appointment.

The remuneration package, for example, should be designed to ensure that the individual is properly motivated, with bonuses linked to performance targets that reflect the organisation’s business plan.

You may intend to link performance to shares or share options. If so we can assist you in introducing share options schemes that are compatible with the service agreement. And if their ownership stake will be significant, then we will ensure that your contracts anticipate what might happen in the future, for example if the employee is to be treated as a ‘good leaver’ or a ‘bad leaver’.

We can design your confidentiality agreements and restrictive covenants to protect your business in the event that the employment is terminated. And, where the individual will be an office holder or board director, we can draft provisions to ensure the individual can be swiftly removed in the event of a dispute.

Whatever your ethos and objectives, we will shape the agreement with a view to ensuring that it strengthens the relationship between employer and employee for the good of the organisation.