Contracts of Employment

Aside from being a legal requirement, employment contracts should be designed to enable you to meet your business objectives while providing the employee with a clear and simple statement of their terms and conditions. We regularly draft and review employee terms and conditions, director and executive service contracts, bonus and share option schemes, fixed term, zero hours and casual contracts.

In addition, we will advise you on whether your business objectives are best served by the use of employment contracts or whether a contract for services or consultancy agreement would be more appropriate.

If a dispute arises, the contract of employment is generally the first point of reference. Therefore it needs to reflect not only your contractual requirements and the employee’s obligations, but it should also assist you in demonstrating that you are a fair and reasonable employer.

This is particularly key in relation to any post-termination restrictions you impose on employees which will require careful drafting to ensure they protect your business interests but are not judged to be unenforceable.