Changing Terms & Conditions of Employment

It is important to regularly review terms and conditions of employment to reflect changes to businesses which may be brought about by growth or changing market or environmental conditions.

Employees will normally accept even quite significant changes if they have been consulted with beforehand and understand the reasons for them.

However, the process can be far from straightforward. In most situations you will need employees to agree to major changes in writing before they are enforceable. If they refuse and further consultation fails, then you may have to terminate the current terms and conditions on notice and simultaneously provide new ones. This will necessitate putting legitimate and fair reasons justifying the changes to avoid unfair dismissal liability.

We can assist you with all the documentation and procedures surrounding consultation, drafting new terms and conditions and the correspondence and meetings required to introduce changes. We can also help you navigate through termination procedures if you do need to terminate the existing contract in order to implement the changes.