Solicitor Rebecca Willcox gives an update on phone hacking claims against the News Group Newspapers

In this phone hacking trial update Rebecca Willcox discusses the phone hacking claims against the News Group Newspapers which now also include claims against the Sun.


“Hamlins have been appointed by the court as lead solicitor all claims going forward against News Group Newspapers.

Those have always included claims against the News of the World newspaper but going forward we can now formally include the Sun newspaper in phone-hacking claims against News Group Newspapers. At the hearing the judge also found that the time period at which hacking went on at News Group Newspapers was wider than previously accepted by News Group, so now phone hacking claims can cover a wider scope as well as including more journalists.

Hamlins is currently attending various hearings at court because there is the potential to obtain further disclosure from News Group Newspapers and Hamlins is seeking to obtain this disclosure well in advance of the upcoming trial date, which is currently listed for June this year and that is for News of the World claimants with a Sun trial following, perhaps later this year or early next year.

Phone hacking victims may previously have not come forward because they felt their cases pre or post dated the cases that they might have read about in the media. We find that people in relationships perhaps the PA’s, PR’s, Managers, Agents of those high-profile victims may not previously have come forward because they thought the dates didn’t match, however Hamlins has found that often we can bring a claim for these people and in light of the judgment and Hamlins being named as lead solicitor, we are in a very good position to advise these individuals.

Phone hacking claims are very fact specific, so it’s very useful to run through the facts of a phone hacking victims case, to potentially identify articles and work out why they were targeted and when.

Hamlins acts on a no-win no-fee basis and our team of expert phone hacking lawyers are ready to help guide you through the process.”

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