Mirror Group phone-hacking claims: Supreme Court refuses permission to appeal, as Rebecca Willcox from Hamlins explains

Mirror Group Newspapers Limited has been refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court against the damages totalling £1.2m, which were awarded in the first-ever civil phone-hacking trial heard in March 2015. Lords Neuberger, Sumption and Hughes refused permission “because the application does not raise an arguable point of law.”

Phone-hacking lawyers at Hamlins acted for one of the eight Representative Claimants at the Trial against MGN Limited in March 2015. Mann J awarded damages ranging from £72,500 to more than £260,000, after hearing evidence that revealed the widespread use of phone hacking, surveillance, and related activities by MGN journalists for more than a decade.

Hamlins’ phone-hacking lawyers will return to the High Court in April for a hearing against News Group Newspapers, which will address matters relating to The Sun newspaper.


For information on the previous decisions of the High Court and Court of Appeal, please see:

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Damages totalling more than £1.2m have been awarded in the judgment of the first ever civil phone-hacking Trial involving the Mirror Group newspapers

Hamlins’ phone-hacking lawyers are the lead solicitors for phone-hacking claims against News Group Newspapers Limited (NGN). Christopher Hutchings and Rebecca Willcox can be contacted with any phone-hacking related queries on 020 7355 6000.