Media and IP Partner Martin Ochs quoted in the Government’s annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report

Media and IP Partner Martin Ochs has been quoted in the Government’s annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report in relation to our work for Trade mark and Right holders Against Piracy (TRAP). TRAP is  a worldwide collective of rights holders and publishers working with the biggest names in music, film, TV,art and sport. Through lobbying and direct action, TRAP protects the public from purchasing counterfeit products whilst enabling musicians, artists, actors and athletes to provide their fans with official merchandise.

Martin was quoted as saying:

“Unofficial products which infringe intellectual property rights deprive artists of important creative control and gives the fan an inferior product. Hamlins LLP have been advising TRAP for several years in its fight to tackle this ever increasing problem. Acting collectively, rights holders, manufacturers and distributors are able to combine resources to take legal action against unlawful infringers. This action, together with the assistance of law enforcement agencies to prosecute offenders, has been a positive influence which will only continue to increase as TRAP continues its efforts.”

This year’s IP Crime and Enforcement Report contains a broad summary of the approaches to tackling IP Crime across the UK. During 2016, over 2 million suspected infringing items were detained by Border Force. In 2013 counterfeit trade according to the OECD, cost the UK government and taxpayers an estimated £3.8bn in unclaimed tax revenue.

The ever expanding online marketplace is having a substantial impact on the availability of counterfeit merchandise.  Helping consumers to understand the consequences of purchasing these products is a particularly important objective, especially where the profits made support other criminal activities.

The report, identifies key trends coming to the fore since last year’s report include use of auction sites and other online sales platforms, especially Facebook Marketplace and Instagram, to bring counterfeit goods directly to consumers, often facilitated by smartphone apps.

Liaising with police and governmental bodies, TRAP maintain the services of global investigators and security consultants, a combination that has proven a continual success in prosecuting those infringing upon our rights in physical retail and online.

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