Max Mosley search results case settled by Google

Google has settled the High Court claim brought by Max Mosley concerning its failure to block images and links which direct to websites displaying his personal data from its search engine results . The confidential settlement reached reportedly settled litigation in all countries. Mr. Mosley had also litigated against Google in France and Germany.

In January of this year, the High Court ruled that Mosley had a viable claim against Google under section 10 of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998) (which is the right to prevent processing of data likely to cause damage or distress). Google had attempted to strike out this and Mosley’s related claims on the basis that as an internet service provider, it was shielded by the EU E-Commerce Directive . The claim was in respect of personal data relating to Mr Moseley arising out of the subject matter of various News of the World stories whom he successfully sued for damages for breach of privacy .

Last year’s “right to be forgotten” ruling by the European Court of Justice on search result de-listing had enabled Mr. Mosley to bring his claim against Google although the fact that the case has now settled means that there will be no immediate developments concerning reliance on the DPA 1998 when bringing online privacy actions and how such use may impact upon the more traditional privacy sphere within the UK High Court .