Hamlins’ IP Partner Philip Herbert quoted in The Independent on Ed Sheeran copyright lawsuit

Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, two US musicians sued the singer Ed Sheeran for £13.8m over his single, Photograph. According to the two American artists’ claim, Ed Sheeran’s song contains a similarity of “words, vocal style, vocal melody, melody, and rhythm” of their 2012 track, Amazing. They also argued that Sheeran “copied, and exploited, without authorisation or credit, the work of other active, professional songwriters, on a breathtaking scale, unabashedly taking credit for the work of these songwriters by claiming it to be their own.”

In the article published in The Independent, Hamlins’ IP partner Philip Herbert, was quoted as saying that: “It is unclear how familiar Sheeran was with the track Amazing. The difficulty that Sheeran will encounter is that even if he has created his own track entirely independently of the Claimant’s song, in practice it may be extremely difficult for him to prove that he was unaware of that original work and was not influenced by its musical composition.”

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