Hamlins’ IP partner Matthew Pryke discusses designer suing Alexander McQueen label in The Times

News that the royal wedding dress, arguably the generation’s most iconic fashion item, may have been copied, has been received with shock and intrigue. Claims of IP infringement in the fashion industry are not uncommon. But after the headlines die down, is this a claim that will hold up before an English judge?

Proceedings allege, when creating the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress in 2011, Alexander McQueen’s creative director, Sarah Burton, based aspects of the design on sketches designer Christine Kendall sent to Clarence House several months previously. Ms. Kendall publicised this view stating her designs were “unfairly taken and copied” and recently filed a formal claim at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

In the article published in The Times, Hamlins’ IP partner Matthew Pryke highlights the fact that without hard evidence to show reference was made by Sarah Burton to Ms. Kendall’s design these allegations may struggle to stick.

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Alexander McQueen- The Times – 28 April 2016