An Ideal Result for Ideal Home? IPC Media Ltd v Media 10 Ltd

Sophie Arrowsmith has written a piece for Entertainment Law Review on the case of IPC Media Ltd v Media 10 Limited. In this case the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s ruling that Media 10’s use of the name “Ideal Home Show” in relation to online retail services did not infringe IPC’s registered IDEAL HOME trade mark. The court agreed with the deputy judge that any confusion caused by the defendant Media 10’s use of “Ideal Home” for such services was no more than to be expected in the light of the fact that, for almost a century, those words have been used honestly and concurrently used in connection with the parties’ respective businesses. The Court of Appeal also dismissed Media 10’s challenge to the registration of IPC’s mark as at the time the mark was registered online retail services was an area into which each party might reasonably wish to expand such that neither could complain about the normal and fair use by the other of the mark IDEAL HOME in relation to such services.

Sophie’s article first appeared in Volume 26; Issue 3 of Entertainment Law Review, published by Sweet & Maxwell. A link to a copy can be found here.